Lone Star Pictures is an award-winning professional video production company capable of guiding our clients and their projects from start to finish. That process includes everything from concept, script writing, filming. editing and duplication.

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Innovation and integrity are fundamental to our creative process. High definition video 

production delivered to clients on budget and on time. High quality video embedded with strong, proven selling points that drive customers to our clients' business or product is our ultimate goal.


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Producer and owner Dennis Palmieri has created commercials and other marketing videos for a variety of businesses ranging from  volunteer and corporate firms  to medical systems and retail. Although our clients and their budgets may vary our commitment to client service does not.  We produce results!

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We Produce Results!

What a gift! Dennis, you have mastered the art of consistently delivering more than the client expects by using your strengths: exceptional talent and exceptional listening that translates into vision and finished products that rock. I love shooting with you because you are thorough and authentic. For that, I always recommend Lone Star Pictures for anyone looking for production services."

 Aly Calvo , Project Manager


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